You are in the business to do bankruptcy law, not paperwork. Start Fresh Today saves you time and money. A complete solution to streamline your practice. Stand out from the crowd as an industry leader. Credit counseling by EOUST Approved Agencies. Fulfill credit counseling requirements easily. Courses in English or Spanish. Online or by telephone. Live chat enabled. Timely, affordable Debtor Education Courses. Start Fresh Today simplifies the process. Easy-to-read, valuable financial education. Flexible courses scheduling 24/7. Fast, electronic certificate delivery. Complete due diligence solution.
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Experience the SFT difference with due diligence products that are current, accurate and timely - reducing errors and saving you time and money:


Three Source Credit Reports

Insure that all your client's liabilities are accurately listed from all three credit bureaus.


AVM Home Appraisal

Property valuations provided in real-time for the majority of properties throughout the United States.


Lien Searches and Ownership Reports

Get the facts on all liens that may be held against a particular property and an ownership report to ensure that your client's ownership information is accurate.


Tax Transcripts

Verify your client's income fast and easily avoid delays in your client's case.

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We thought our latest software demonstration might interest you. It shows our web based system, gives course overviews, and proves just how easy it is to use – for you and your clients. Our short, informative demo is free, and you can request it by calling our toll free number today at 888-214-7773. In fact, if you request your demo today you will receive THREE FREE DEBTOR EDUCATION COURSES FOR YOUR CLIENTS, saving you time and money. Just our way of saying thanks for spending your valuable time with us.

We’re sure you’ll find the demo helpful,. Go ahead, click or call today. You’ll be glad you did.

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